Shopping at Highland Nursery is like poking around in the back shed of some formal English estate. It's jumbled, crowded, and lush, full of metal and bamboo structures twisted into designs simple and ornate, stone cherubs, monks, and dozens of doves—and we're not even to the front door yet. And then there are the gardens—a maze of just under two acres with every conceivable plant, from gooseberries to Japanese Maples. Standing underneath the resident oaks, surrounded by blooms and gazebos on all sides, we can't even see the other customers—let alone the far ends of the garden. And then there's the best reason to come to Highland Nursery: It's been family-run for over 50 years and is staffed entirely by people who spend way too much time in their gardens.

Location Details

1742 W. 7th St.
St. Paul MN 55116


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