Anne Marie Roe

Anne Marie Roe has immaculate eyebrows. They stretch across her forehead like slender apostrophes, shapely and neat, not a hair out of place. With almost seven years under her belt as an esthetician at Estetica, it's no wonder Roe has mastered the art of the eyebrow. Appointments cost $25 and are 30 minutes long because, as she explains, "I take my time and make sure that they're perfect." Roe removes hair in small patches, unlike some waxers who finish the job in five quick pulls. Her clients, many of whom she sees every three weeks, lay on a high table covered in white bath towels while new age music plays softly in the background. The process begins with a powder base. Then Roe applies a crème-based wax heated to body temperature, and rips out the unwanted hairs, trimming the ones left behind with pelican-shaped scissors. While she listens as her clients chat about shopping and vacations, Roe never loses focus. As a result, her clients leave with clean, trim eyebrows—a look that will last as long as nature allows.


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