Support your neighborhood comic book shop, including the ones with the best selection (Dreamhaven) and the most experience (Nostalgia Zone). But go out of your way for the smaller, brighter, more compact Big Brain, that rare comics store in which obsession mingles with a flair for retail. Shelves are lovingly stocked with new product and organized like a good wine shop (with "new this week" and "recommended" cards dividing stacks of Japanese manga, Marvel superhero, and alternative comics). The shiny covers can be seen in all their glory thanks to the track lighting. The tasteful atmosphere includes uniformly cool music on the stereo (Les Breastfeeders) and clerks who are willing to help you find your grail, no matter how obscure. Toss in a huge selection of 'zines and culture mags, plus novelty toys, and you get geek nirvana.

Location Details

1027 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55415-1246


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