Inset into the front door of the Wild Rumpus is a miniature purple door—a special kid-sized portal that creates a sense of play and fantasy and lets little people know that the shop inside is specially designed for them. And what a magical place it is! Little girls dressed in sparkly Snow White costumes attend Monday-morning story time while their older brothers gape at check-out counter host Harry the Tarantula. There are acres of brightly hued picture books for pre-readers, vast swaths of classic and contemporary early-elementary material, and shelf after shelf packed with page-turners for young adults. For parents, a psychology section holds everything from The Mommy Brain to Transparent: Living with Transgender Teenagers. Best of all: There's a marshmallow-shooting pipe gun for making mischief.

Location Details

2720 W. 43rd St.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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