Cheapo Discs

Now more than ever, CD ownership is a transitory venture: buy an album, find out you only like half of it, rip the half you like to your computer, and sell the CD for just enough money to turn a $15 mistake into a $10 lesson learned. But for those of us who like to physically possess our music—you never know when your hard drive's going to die—spending 40 bucks for enough music to fill a five-CD changer is pretty sweet. The biggest game in town, Cheapo is the perfect destination for crate-digging impulse buyers. Sure, a trip through their filled-to-bursting recent arrivals bin can leave you spending 20 minutes marveling at how the "alternative" glut of the '90s gave us an unspeakable amount of debris, but then you hit pay dirt: It could be some obscure drum 'n' bass compilation, or a decent entry-level greatest hits comp of an artist you've always meant to check out, or some brand-spanking-new (yet still $9) promo copy of a hot release that some rock critic played once and sold for beer money. Whatever your tastes, shopping at Cheapo is a lot more fulfilling than downloading random crap from Napster.


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