Tammy Lee

Poor Tammy. In her hopeless bid to replace retiring Congressman Martin Sabo, some people had the unmitigated gall to make fun of her. The most egregious offense, at least in the eyes of Lee and her supporters, was a parody of the Independence Party candidate's website. "After all, she's white—just like us, and that means we can trust her," one offending passage read. "We should all agree that a Negro should never replace a great statesman like Martin Sabo." Is that funny? No. Was it worth bringing in computer forensic experts to track down the site's creator (a previously obscure blogger named Chris Stewart) and then holding press conferences with lawyers and intimations of libel and table-thumping denunciations of this most appalling example of racism in the history of humanity? No. A bad joke isn't a crime, but Lee did her best to make it seem that way. And that indicates an invaluable gift of the expert victim.


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