Upon first glance, it's not readily apparent what type of store the Smitten Kitten is. The name suggests something girly and cute, and the vintage furniture looks like the setup for a local gift shop. But then you see the dildos—dozens of them, sitting on a shelf, tilting slightly to the left like blades of grass in a windy meadow. There's a lube display with tester bottles on a faded wooden hutch, looking just as classy as a perfume station at Macy's. "People are excited about masturbation," says Jennifer Pritchett, co-owner of the progressive sex shop and cofounder of the Coalition Against Toxic Toys, the first consumer advocacy program for adult sex toys in the world. "Ninety-nine percent are plastic that you wouldn't make dog toys out of," says Pritchett. The Smitten Kitten sells only safe products and offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Some of their more popular toys include the Liberator Wedge, a piece of foam furniture that offers support for tricky positions, and the Jollie, a silicone dildo made from casts of real vaginas. There's also a wide variety of porn, how-to books, and a knowledgeable staff that won't laugh when you mistake a cock ring for a bracelet.

Location Details

3010 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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