Mac 'n' Cheese on a Stick

It's easy to just hit up the obvious favorites when eating your way through the State Fair each year: the pronto pups, the pickles-on-a-stick, the sweet corn, the miscellaneous fried potato products, and of course, that golden cradle of fat known as the cheese curd. But sometimes the best food discoveries are those that remain a secret, cultivating a small cult following that may only bring a handful of new fans each year. The macaroni on a stick definitely fits into that category. But worry not—this meal has all the makings of a fair classic. Deep-fried outer shell? Check. On a stick? Check. Cheese-y goodness packed into each bite? Check. So don't judge a State Fair food based on the line of salivating consumers. For around three bucks, the carbs from the macaroni will give you strength while standing in the blockbuster-sized line for those deep-fried candy bars, and even the most jaded lovers of State Fair food will be satiated, if only temporarily.


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