There are some nights when a tap beer and a cig are the salve needed for a hard day's hustle, but smoking bans in Minneapolis and St. Paul make that a challenge to accomplish with any amount of convenience. So Hennepin County commissioners gave tobacco enthusiasts a gift last year when they rolled back the county's ban, allowing smokers to light up in bars that sell more liquor than food. Now Hopkins is a haven for such sin, and Mainstreet Bar and Grill is a gem. Only seven miles from Uptown, the bar offers nightly happy-hour specials on food and drinks. The laid-back watering hole attracts drinkers of all (legal) ages. There are four pool tables in a side room, cozy booths off the bar, and a stage for live music. With all these accoutrements, it seems nobody has told the owners that simply having a place to smoke and drink indoors is novelty enough these days.

Location Details

814 Mainstreet
Hopkins MN 55343


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