It's true that bars and nightclubs, just after closing time, can present some very entertaining spectacles. On the other hand, a parade of drunken sad sacks, stumbling into the night on their way to another DWI or just off to their sorry hovels, where they will collapse on their sofas, too drunk to finish themselves off properly...well, it isn't always uproariously funny. That's why you're better off finding folks when they are in a state of wonderment, not a state of intoxication. In other words, when the thermometer pushes past 70 degrees on a spring day, haul your carcass down to the jewel of the Minneapolis park system, Minnehaha Park. As you stroll the 193-acre grounds on such a day, you will see all types. The foodies will be clustered around the Sea Salt Eatery, raving over the calamari and soft-shell crab sandwiches. Asian and Mexican boys will be chattering excitedly as they scramble helter-skelter into the creek gorge, fishing rods and high hopes in hand. The dog people will be striding purposefully to the dog beach. Moms and dads will be shoving strollers and possibly, for a moment, not thinking about the mortgage. The exercise nuts will be baring as much of their flesh as they can without running afoul of nudity laws. Old drunks will take furtive nips and smile and squint cockeyed at the bright sun. And you? You'll be just like the rest of them—slack-jawed at the spectacle of such a gorgeous day and pleased by the realization that your neighbors really might not be so crummy after all.

Location Details

4801 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55440


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