Twins games

With the exceptions of the Minnesota Lynx and Gopher women's basketball, local sports franchises don't draw significant female crowds, but that's exactly what happens during those magical summer nights at the old ball game. And no wonder, just look at the beefcake on the field: Johan Santana? Latin American stud. Justin Morneau? Canuck stud. Joe Mauer? Homegrown stud. And unlike in football and hockey, you can actually see baseball players in all their chiseled glory. (And unlike basketball, there's no chance of a nasty fight spilling over into the stands.) So if a red-blooded, American male ever needed another reason to take in a ball game, consider this: There are scads of women at the old Dome, often in groups without men, and usually with a few beers in them. You barely need to swing to get to first base.

Location Details

900 S. 5th St.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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