Named for the two times of day when the sky and earth are illuminated by a sun hidden below the horizon, Twilight is a monthly lesbian dance and cocktail night about the mysterious beauty of in-between—or how to shine out of your hiding place. With no permanent residence, the event has drifted from the late downtown Minneapolis cigar bar Club Ashé, where it debuted five years ago, to upscale nightspots such as Trocadero's, where it celebrated Pride 2006, and the Kitty Cat Klub, where it's gained momentum more recently. As cosmopolitan and elegant as advertised, the party usually draws upward of 350 ladies on the strength of good DJs, good entertainment (such as the strip-teasing Lili's Burlesque), and good, virtual word of mouth (via its website). The recent opening of the lesbian bar Pi, which happens to have recruited veteran Twilight hip-hop DJ Naughty Boyy (a.k.a. Tori Fixx), has suddenly helped fill the queer-women's-club vacuum that Twilight was created in part to address. But the "secret" party is still the better one.


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