Faith Mouse

Most political blogs have one common goal, and that's to beat the reader about the head and shoulders with the strident opinions of the author. Be it through truthiness or hyperbole, these sites deliver the red meat their followers demand, while excoriating the opposition for every infraction, real or implied. The conservative cartoon blog Faith Mouse takes a different tack. In examining the dozens of right-wing sites on its blog roll, one can easily surmise where local cartoonist Dan Lacey's sympathies lie. But judging the cartoons he prolifically posts will leave one scratching one's head more times that not. The star is Christian rodent Faith Mouse, who shares face-time with a rotating cast of unseemly characters like the ACLU Ferret, the pro-choice feminist Ms. Starmole, the shameful Gay Bear, and the mustachioed Devil Cat, who wears a sombrero festooned with pentagrams. While most three-panel cartoons follow an introduction/setup/conclusion format, Lacey's non sequiturs often leave the reader going, "huh?" (Forum threads on sites such as Touch of Evil and Something Awful have been dedicated to deciphering Faith Mouse cartoons.) A recent panel found Faith Mouse observing a flying saucer heading toward her. Panel two shows the ship opening to reveal "recovered" homosexual Donnie Davies singing "God Hates Fags!" The third panel features political pundit Andrew Sullivan applauding a bowing Davies with the phrases "Christian baiting!" and "xGay bashing!" over Sullivan's head. So, why would the gay Sullivan be applauding Davies' gay bashing? Lacey himself stated, "I'd rather not explain my cartoons (not sure I absolutely can)," in an unrelated January 2007 posting. His more straightforward pieces against the ACLU and "Hitlery" Clinton are mere diversions from images like presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) cradling a wide-eyed aborted fetus named Neverborn as his running mate for 2008. This year, Faith Mouse wins our straw poll.


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