Afternoon Records

Ian Anderson, the overachieving Afternoon Records founder, Aneuretical guitarist, and One for the Team singer whose achievements will one day warrant him a newspaper write-up that doesn't include a reference to the Jethro Tull singer (but not today), began his little record label as something of a farm team for the local indie-rock scene. It was a relationship of convenience, really: Anderson was 18 when he launched Afternoon in 2003, so he naturally targeted the underage bands he met on the coffee-shops-and-basements circuit. The kid's got a keen ear for investments (he began the label with money earned from Intel stock, which he purchased at age 13 because he liked the jingle), and his faith in the underage underground is starting to pay dividends. Granted, his own post-rock combo Aneuretical and disco-punks Look Down are the only remaining bands from Anderson's original Afternoon roster. But the label's new talent is some of its best: Last year saw the release of One for the Team's Good Boys Don't Make Noise, the God Damn Doo Wop Band's Broken Hearts, and Haley Bonar's Lure the Fox, giving Afternoon a small monopoly on local critics' year-end lists. All told, Afternoon released 11 albums in 2006. Productivity like that will get you everywhere in the music biz.


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