Open since 1941, St. Paul's O'Gara's is your classic Irish pub: nice dark woodwork, two cozy rooms with booth seating, and two large bars stocked with gallons of hard liquor. The Shamrock Room features live music at least once a week (usually Tuesdays)—generally big band and jazz groups. The Garage, meanwhile, features a mix of blues, rock, and acoustic. Even if you're not there to check out a specific band, there are random musical moments: Some nights a three- or four-person band will parade through the bar on an hourly schedule. The beer list is respectable, and includes O'Gara's homebrews made in small portions to ensure freshness. Included in the list is the O'Gara's ESB—an interesting combo of super-bitter hoppiness and super-malted sweetness. A good palate-zinger before you move on to the real drink at an Irish bar: pitchers, and plenty of 'em.

Location Details

164 Snelling Ave. N.
St. Paul MN 55104


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