If you're into the whole Zen bowling thing, as The Big Lebowski's Dude might say, you've come to the wrong place. From the garish interstellar mural above the lanes to the landing-strip lights along the sides—not to mention the disco ball, the roving spotlights, and the classic rawk cranked to 11—this is Extreme Bowling, sensory overload-style. And provided you can avoid having an epileptic seizure, it's a lot fun. The 30 lanes are electronically scored and impeccably buffed, but the place nearly defies you to focus on them. In the adjacent Flashback Cafe, the full bar includes a cold shot machine with Rumple Minze and Jäger, but the preferred brew is a PBR tallboy—and would you believe the tomato soup ain't half-bad? Bands play four nights a week, often from the center of the action, with the stage set up somewhere around Lane 15. The best day to go is Monday, where four and a half hours of "Punk Rock Bowl" can be had for a mere $9.95, and the dress code is distinctly Decline of Western Civilization.

Location Details

2520 26th Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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