The super-size era nearly ruined the Bloody Mary, the most quixotic of all the classic drinks. Bars and restaurants were suddenly compelled to serve happy meals—rife with pickles, olives, celery stalks, baby shrimp, even beef jerky—in a glass. The booze, alas, became an afterthought. In other words, we still prefer a Bloody Mary that drinks like a drink. And one that, frankly, gets you a little soused. We can attest that the libation served at this Warehouse District supper club does the trick on both counts. You're not going to get the whole Wendy's salad bar at Hoyt's. Here the simple confluence of tomato juice and vodka on ice is adorned with one crisp kosher dill pickle (and costs a not-unreasonable $6.95.) The mix is made from scratch, augmented by simple ingredients that actually belong in a Bloody Mary—like Worcestershire, A1, and Tabasco sauces, topped off with a lime. (A lime is infinitely more important to a drink than, say, baby corn.) Not rocket science, to be sure, but the key to any Bloody Mary-maker's success is not to try so damn hard.

Location Details

301 N. Washington Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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