Mr. Show defended smut with the war cry "In your darkest, loneliest hours, who is there for you? Pornography!" We say if you don't like porn then you don't like sex. For in the great pantheon of recorded rutting, there is something for everyone. Maybe you like award-winning and edgy art films. Maybe you like soft-focus, airbrushed, plot-heavy couples porn. Or maybe you just go for the meat-and-potatoes four-woman-seven-man gang fuck flicks. Whatever gets you off, Nicollet Village Video has it. As well-organized as a place celebrating bodily fluids is ever going to get, the store is packed to the rafters with gay, straight, bi, tranny, hentai, gangbangs, DPs, DVs, DAs, ATMs, and a filthy alphabet soup of other acronyms that we are not ashamed to recognize. It's well lighted, reasonably priced (four pornos for four days for $10), and open 'til midnight 365 days a year. Nicollet Village Video also sports a front room (non-porn, if you're into that kind of thing) impressive enough that you don't look like a perv walking into the store.

Location Details

1601 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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