Democratizing Fine Dining

Why should rich people have all the fun? Isn't it enough that they get all the tax breaks and the really good school districts? Local restaurateurs have been answering that question with a resounding: Yes, enough for the rich already! Consequently, there's Town Talk Diner, where the rabble can sup like landed French gentry, enjoying an omelette for less than $10 and a $16 bottle of brut bubbly. Now there's the Bulldog N.E., where lunch-pail types can feast on hand-ground Kobe beef burgers for $8 and pâté ($9) as pretty as anything on the cover of a food magazine. At 112 Eatery—which arguably led the charge to democratize fine dining—there have lately been delicate foie gras meatballs on the menu—for $9. Let the rich have their paternity lawsuits and foreheads pumped full of botulism; we'll eat foie gras and Kobe beef and wash it down with bottles of bubbly till the revolution comes.


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