Bayport Cookery

Around Valentine's Day the Bayport Cookery really pulls out all the stops, with a "Chocolate Lovers' Nine-Course Tasting Menu" ($85, though it's available with fewer courses for as little as $35). For that feast, the restaurant's signature multi-course menu—always arranged around a particular ingredient or theme—showcases chocolate in all its forms: dark, white, processed, and raw. The dishes accomplished chef and owner Jim Kyndberg sends out range from the intellectually flirty (salmon fillet ringed by a white chocolate yuzu beurre blanc) to the duskily sultry (leg of lamb accented by chocolate and rosemary) to the outright, blushing sexy (rare duck breast glistening with dried cherry and cocoa nib consommé). True foodies find the May and June morel mushroom festival just as romantic, as it celebrates the earthy pleasures of local forests and tastes. There are garlic lovers who find the August garlicfestival libido-sizzling, and the post-Christmas carnival of truffles has brought stars back to the eyes of many a frazzled couple. Finally, the wine list is sprinkled with bargains priced just a titch over retail. (They say that money worries spike so many relationships....) Frankly, if Bayport Cookery can't add some fire to your kisses, you should check your pulse—or book that appointment with the counselor.


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