Big Bowl

Just sit there and be quiet—we'll give you to the count of three: one, two...hey, we said sit there! When you're dragging children to a restaurant, you may think you're saving yourself dinnertime hassle. But that only happens if: 1) your children actually eat the food, instead of turning their darling little noses up at it and requiring you to cook a second supper at home; and 2) the environment at the restaurant can comfortably absorb their noise and energy. Lucky for you, Asian chain Big Bowl has three metro locations, all in shopping malls, where bustle and ruckus are the order of the day. Children are catered to with fresh crayons and rubber-banded cheater chopsticks that can be easily maneuvered by curious little hands. For the picky eater who demands mono-colored food as plain and familiar as the exasperated look on mom's face, the kids' menu carries chicken skewers with jasmine rice. But for the budding adventurer, it also offers a dozen pint-sized portions of exotica: tender BBQ pork buns, slippery chow fun noodles, tangy pad thai, and succulent teriyaki ribs. Health-conscious moms and dads will be happy to know the restaurants rely on antibiotic-free chickens and Minnesota-raised Durac pork. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a Double Lucky Happiness meal.

Location Details

3669 Galleria Mall
Edina MN 55435


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