Nothing is more Minnesota than super-colliding the high-brow with the low-brow—fine French Champagne at bowling alleys (Hi, Bryant-Lake Bowl!), collaborative conceptual art in ice-fishing houses (Hi, Art Shanty Projects!), Prouenza Schouler high-fashion sweaters for $20 at Target (rhymes with Faberge), apolitical quasi-nihilist wrestlers as governor (we miss you, Jesse!), big-brain pop-art sculpture as de facto city mascot (Hi, Spoonbridge and Cherry!). Heck, we could do this all day. Anyhoo, nothing is as high-brow/low-brow as the Town Talk Diner, with their winning blend of food for the masses (burgers, deep-fried breaded pickles, boozed-up milkshakes) prepared by the classes. The owners are all alumni from fine-dining super-spots like Aquavit and French Laundry, and so scatter the menu with high-brow indulgences like locally raised sweet and meaty pork chops or line-caught halibut. The only downside to this brilliant high-brow/low-brow super-collision is that with both the masses and the classes clamoring to get in, scoring a table on a Friday night can be murder.

Location Details

2707 1/2 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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