Leo Judah opened his spic-and-span Macalesterland spot last June, and he hasn't had a day off since. The demand for his homemade lamb burgers, rich moussaka, light and zingy hummus, deeply flavored kibbeh, buoyant and crisp spinach pies, big fresh salads, and potently flavored baba ghanoush is just too intense. The recipes at Shish are all simple, real-deal family heirlooms, made the way Judah's mom cooked in Jerusalem, with fresh ingredients and served on real plates in a stylish gold-accented room at fast-food bargain prices. The super-black, super-strong Turkish coffee is fair trade. The food is all Kosher and Halal—except, of course, the gyros. The takeout is faster, cheaper, and better than even most home gourmet cooks could ever hope to pull off. No wonder Judah doesn't get a day off! We'd feel bad for him, except we know he recently debuted a new breakfast menu that includes homemade crepes. For a master cook like him, that's a surefire recipe for more customers, not more sleep.

Location Details

1668 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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