There are bigger selections of breads in the Twin Cities—Holy Land's and Sinbad's being two of the foremost—but if you're looking for the freshest pocket bread in town (often hot out of the oven) head to St. Paul's Abu Nader. Abu Nader's pockets have a fine, dense texture, making them sturdy yet tender containers for sloppy sandwiches like homemade falafel and shawirma (gyros). They're also wonderful foils for the deli's smoky, succulent baba ghanoush and tangy hummus. Call ahead to catch them when they're still puffed up from the heat, branded with tiny lines of char from their time in the gas oven. Should you miss that happy event, rest assured that the day-olds ($2 for six large ones) are nearly as good frozen and thawed, chopped into chips, or as the base for mini-pizzas.

Location Details

2095 Como Ave.
St. Paul MN 55108


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