The problem with life is that it is full of life: the kids, the dog, the plumber, the job, the job, the job. Where does the fun fit in? Time-management specialists will tell you that you have to make your fun a destination that sits on your calendar. Is that possible? One of the things we love most about Surdyk's is the way they inspire us to make that destination appointment. Those wine-sale catalogs are a godsend. "The Surdyk's Summer Sale is coming," you say to the light of your life. "I can get in there Thursday after work if you pick up the kids from hockey, or Friday if we push dinner back at your mother's house." Of course, your sweetheart wants the bounty from Surdyk's as much as you do. For one, those weeknight suppers are endlessly enhanced by Surdyk's valiant commitment to securing tasty, complex, under-$12 wines—many of which are $7 and $9 a bottle during the sales. For another, the household budget can stretch pretty far by shopping at Surdyk's—by heavens, you can save hundreds of dollars if you buy your Christmas gifts (or just stock the seasonal liquor cabinet) during Surdyk's jaw-dropping pre-holiday premium brands sale. Sample rare and beautifully kept cheeses in the cheese shop; or special-edition chocolates by B.T. McElrath, found only at Surdyk's; or cigars guaranteed to impress your hard-to-shop-for brother-in-law. If you're not going to hire a time-management specialist to follow you around saying: "Make time for yourself!" Surdyk's is the next best thing.

Location Details

303 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55414


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