Sebastian Joe's is the perfect place to go for ice cream and sympathy. They understand that one's evening companions might have aged out of late-night ice cream runs, and so they also offer coffee shop treats by the dozen. They know subzero weather can make a strong case against a treat that's guaranteed to lower your body temperature, so they sweeten the deal by offering discounts in January and February after the thermometer drops below 30 degrees. They even know that the perfect spumoni need not contain chocolate or pistachio, and can instead be boozy and fruity with orange zest and almonds. Besides 24 ever-changing homemade flavors (ranging from beloved versions of classics like Oreo to wild novelties like the cayenne-touched Chocolate Coyote) this local institution also offers frozen yogurt, sorbets, milkshakes, ice cream floats, and a dozen different sundaes. There's usually a lineup for these creamy, cool delights in the warmer months, but the clientele varies by location. The Kenwood digs are home to college students and urban professionals, while the Linden Hills shop is filled with children who'll soon be walking home wearing beards of sticky melted chocolate.

Location Details

1007 W. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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