Not only are the fries at Café Barbette tasty, they're pretty, too. Served in a white ceramic bowl, they're cut in long, slender rectangles with golden edges and glistening sides. They curve slightly inward, piled high on top of one another like a fried potato orgy. Four bucks will get you a small serving, $6 a large. Some people enjoy the purity of a plain French fry—just salt, nothing crazy—but the pomme frites, as they're called at the French-themed cafe, also come with small silver cups of catsup and homemade saffron aioli. Toward the bottom of the bowl, the fries turn into crispy baby spudlings and it's necessary to eat five or six at a time just to get your fix. For this, however, you might need to use a fork—the price we all must pay for gluttony.

Location Details

1600 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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