Community Supported Agriculture

The best fresh produce is still warm from the sun, with rich-smelling dirt clinging to its roots. The best fresh produce is that funny orange beet you never would have picked up at the grocery store, but now can't resist turning into a beautiful golden salad. The best fresh produce is a little head of butter leaf lettuce smiling up at you from the crisper, saying, "Hey! You haven't been to the grocery store in a week, but I'm exactly what you want for dinner tonight." In the Twin Cities we have an embarrassment of riches: dozens of CSA (that's community-supported agriculture) farms that will bring a full-to-bursting box of fresh produce to you every week all summer long. In exchange for a single annual payment of around $500 (or less for a half-share), the good stuff will come straight to your door or to a pick-up spot near your home. How many stories have you read in the last few years about crusading superchefs who've stocked their entire storeroom by donkey-train, with the manure going to raise a special donkey truffle of unsurpassed splendor? Here's your own modest chance to join the movement.


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