Coastal Seafoods

As the crow flies, Minneapolis is just a tidge over 1,000 miles from the nearest coast. It's a fact that has not gone unnoticed by local lovers of ocean fish. A fact that makes Coastal Seafood's thrice daily deliveries to its Minneapolis location even more remarkable. Let's say that again: thrice daily. Because we bet it's probably more often than actual coastal seafood stores make it to the pier. You're not impressed by freshness in the age of globalization and hypertuned supply chains? Okay. How about whole fish—not easy to find in these parts—all marked 20 percent off on Thursdays (when, according to the staff, they tend to have the most whole fish to choose from)? How about the best crab cakes in town, all mixed up and ready for frying? How about expert and enthusiastic advice from any staff member you happen to waylay in the store or on the phone?


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