Spinning stools bolted to the floor and a curvy counter fronting a noisy kitchen-at first glance, Town Talk seems like, well, a diner. But make your way to the next room and you realize there's serious eating happening. There the vibe changes from old-school burger joint to dimly lit urban eatery, with long, rectangular mirrors on light brick walls and surprisingly sexy drinking glasses. Servers wear black blazers with button-up shirts, and the napkins are secured with steel hose clamps. Fancy dishes such as the $9.75 organic tempeh sandwich, spiced lamb stew, and a classic beet plate fill out the menu. The Caesar salad arrives shaped like a giant caterpillar, sprinkled with garlicky crumbles and shards of cheese. At $17.95, the pan-roasted chicken breast is juicy enough to make vegetarians weep. There's plenty of diner left in evidence, too: To keep the class in check, they also serve Carr Valley cheese curds ($6.50) and sourdough-battered onion rings, both with exteriors crispy and tasty enough to give the State Fair a run for its money.

Location Details

2707 1/2 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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