An oasis of joy on the downtown Minneapolis skyways, Brothers Delicatessen is a Best-Of perennial for its bagels and pastrami, both flown in from New York. And in this relatively deli-poor corner of the prairie, that would probably be enough to ensure Brothers a loyal and intensely grateful following. But this family-owned institution does so many things well: There's a matzo ball soup boasting the lightest matzo balls imaginable (served with a bagel or a popover, $2.89 for a cup, $3.89 for a bowl); there's meaty, tangy borscht (at the same prices). You can pick up sandwiches of potted brisket or chopped chicken liver ($5.54; $9.09 for "New York Style"), as well as a full menu of original sandwiches and breakfast trays for toting back to the office to share.

Location Details

50 S. 6th St.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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