Walk into the tiny Coffee and Tea Ltd. in Linden Hills, and beans likely will be roasting in a nearly century-old roaster. Customers will more than likely be found in conversation with owner Jim Cone. He says he doesn't keep track of what sells well and nothing comes recommended because everything has his stamp of approval. The shop, which has been open for more than 30 years, offers a few fair-trade coffees, and a Guatemala Huehuetenango that is bought directly from the farmer. Almost 40 selections sit in containers below the counter, and even more are scattered about the store in glass jars. Some of the beans have an uncommon sheen and richness: Check out the Mocha Java ($18.99 a pound), mixed by Cone himself, or Jim's Five Star French Roast ($14.79). Coffee and Tea has a second location in Sears in the Mall of America, which is fine for picking up beans but lacks the distinctive charm of the Linden Hills shop. And you'll want to talk to Cone in person about the Kopi Luwak, which clocks in at a staggering $420 a pound. This bean, which is said to have already been digested and excreted by a raccoon-like animal in Indonesia, is apparently more than a novelty. Although there aren't a lot of people besides Cone who can vouch for that.

Location Details

2730 W. 43rd St.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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