We have a recurring fantasy about moving to back-country Wisconsin—you know, with the real doughnuts and the garlic cheese curds and terrifying, smoke-spewing ATVs beneath every 12-year-old boy. Then we remember Bombay 2 Deli and we realize we never could—life's too short to miss out on an urban life that includes samosas this good. Oh, those samosas! Big as baseballs, the exterior bubbly and crisp as fried Chinese soup noodles, the interior as tender as grandma's mashed potatoes, but filled with the jungle-fire taste of curry, of mustard seeds, of chili peppers. We could eat a hundred. Then we remember that they only cost $1.50, and we think we might. Of course, we could shell out $5.49 and get two curries, rice, and a chapati, a fresh, flat-pan bread with which to soak up the curries. Urban life may have its problems, but it also has its spicy, penny-pinching delights, of which Bombay 2 Deli is the best.

Location Details

1840 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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