It's all about the beans. Sure, there are other reasons Burrito Mercado has been the place to get your burrito fix for the past 25 years. There are plenty of reasons to come to this Latin retail giant: the too-sweet Fanta, the Goya coffee and fresh tamarillos, the Mexican-made tchotchkes. (We're not going to get into the tamales or the Mexican corn on the cob in the tent out back.) But there is no better burrito in the 612/651 area codes than the one you'll get at Mercado. Stuffed with pintos barely holding onto their bean shape or generous amounts of meat, and a side of more rice and beans, this burrito platter ($6.94) is heavy enough to weigh down a tray all on its own. And it smells so delightful we're sure one is not going to be enough. But by the time we've reached the last bites, our head has caught up with our stomach and the only thing we have room for is a slice of that tres leches.

Location Details

175 Cesar Chavez St.
St. Paul MN 55107


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