All hail the changing face of the Twin Cities—a wonderful new world where we can get tamarind as easily as we can get walleye. With twin stores on each side of the river, Shuang Hur has everything we've come to count on. Duck eggs, check. Pre-packaged hog's head, check. And unlike some namby-pamby grocers, Shuang Hur has the eggs to sell live lobsters out of a tank in back. If that weren't enough of a show of force to the PC crowd, right next to the lobsters is a big cardboard box full of live blue crabs at hot prices—which is handy because it leaves spending cash for the housewares department. Here, you'll find your cutting boards from Thailand, electric lights in the shape of pink lotus flowers, and gargantuan kitchen appliances—each with a more industrial looking plug than the last. (Check out the cauldron large enough to actually climb into! Perfect for boiling disobedient children!) During summer, if the lobster's not fresh enough for you, the St. Paul Shuang Hur closes off the parking lot and holds a very local weekly green market. Our tip: Stock up on the bitter melon.

Location Details

2710 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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