Mark Mallman and Chuck Klosterman Kill Themselves to Live

On a rainy afternoon last June, pop culture pontificator Chuck Klosterman came to town to read from the paperback release of his rock-death travelogue, Killing Yourself to Live. But instead of making a predictable appearance at the Edina Barnes & Noble, Klosterman showed up at First Avenue's 7th St. Entry for an unlikely collaboration: a mash-up performance with piano-pounding daredevil Mark Mallman. The two shared a cramped stage, batting the spotlight back and forth in front of an audience of young Klosterman fans. After the author recounted his search for the last apartment of the Replacements' Bob Stinson, the Wolfman and his band kicked in with riotous medleys of classics like "Freebird," "Devil Inside," and, of course, "Killing Yourself to Live." Klosterman may have reminded everyone of the self-destructive dark side of American music, but Mallman had the last word: Rock 'n' roll will never die.


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