Radio Riot

Contrary to the claims of last year's documentary American Hardcore, the subculture inspired by angry early-'80s punk bands such as Black Flag and Bad Brains didn't dry up in 1986. It went further underground, especially as punk and commercial rock blurred in the queasy twilight of "alternative." You can argue about where it was hiding or what it sounded like in those remote caves and basements. But the truth is that college radio programmers gave up on truly underground hardcore long ago—and where else are you going to hear it, KQ? Enter KFAI's Radio Riot, hosted by local punk musicians Ollie Stench (of cable access TV's Drinking with Ian) and Felix Havoc (of Havoc Records)—the latter a columnist for Maximumrocknroll who wrote one of the more informed critiques of American Hardcore. Restricted to two hours after midnight on Mondays, the show blasts away the accumulated frustrations of that first workday, blazing through punk you never heard the first time around, some punk you did, and other great rock 'n' roll. All of it comes sequenced by confirmed record addicts, and programmed with the agility it takes to spin a set full of 40-second tracks. Last year's special on Minnesota punk should be sold as a compilation, while a more recent theme show was downright inspired in its pointlessness. "Yesterday I was like, I only want to listen to D beat"—that is, beats inspired by the Discharge—"and glam," wrote Havoc on the message board at "So there's the show." Freeform means never having to say you're sorry.


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