Art Shanty Projects

Sometimes the best art can be seen, smelled, and touched. It can be interacted with, walked into, stood on top of. It can be as much a part of everyday life as it is a welcome interruption from it. In the coldest months of winter, the Art Shanty Projects did all of that. The brainchild of photographer Peter Haakon Thompson and painter Dave Pitman, the Art Shanty Projects is now three years old and growing like a loopy toddler. More than 60 artists took part in this frozen-lake community, providing art houses and gathering spots for anyone and everyone. This year saw a wealth of options for art lovers and newcomers. Bundled-up shanty dwellers could check out the home of misfit toys, do karaoke, learn to knit, go to a tea party, listen to animal sounds in a piney greenhouse, share a story or two, or make some original art. And, frankly, luring a person outdoors in deepest February is an art all its own.


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