Bill DeVille

Bill DeVille is not your prototypical rock 'n' roll DJ. He doesn't have the booming, hyper-enunciated delivery that's apparently pounded into prospective DJs at broadcasting schools across the nation. The Current (89.3 FM) host's voice is nasally and monotone. At first listen you'd be inclined to think that DeVille might be better suited to delivering the agriculture report at an AM station in Olivia. But the Cities 97 alum's charm is exactly that low-key, aw-shucks approach. Close listeners will discover that DeVille brings a bewildering amount of musical knowledge to the studio. Whether filling in on the Americana-heavy morning show or hosting a more indie-rock-friendly block of his own on the weekends, he continuously offers sharp commentary without trying to prove that he's the hippest dude on the planet. The voluble tandem of Mary Lucia and Mark Wheat might inspire the most devotion among Current listeners, but DeVille's unassuming musical passion is a refreshing change of pace.


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