Patrick Reusse

Patrick Reusse is ridiculously prolific. The veteran sports scribe churns out at least four columns a week and takes vacations about as often as the U of M wins Big Ten football titles. And that's not even taking into account the countless radio gigs that he juggles. Reusse deftly covers the full sports landscape, from the improbable Division II basketball dominance of Winona State to the failings of first-year Vikings coach Brad Childress. His columns are chock-full of the kinds of details and intelligent analysis that can't be garnered from staring into a pint of beer at the local Hooters. Perhaps it's in part because Reusse's an ex-drunk that he's such a workhorse. Check out this chestnut from the first sentence of a recent column celebrating the life of the late Twins radio announcer Herb Carneal: "There was nothing more important in the lives of baseball play-by-play broadcasters in the '40s, '50s and into the '60s than beer." Who wouldn't read to the bottom of that piece?


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