Roseville 4

A while ago, we slithered out of the office for a matinee showing of the Denzel Washington time-travel thriller Déjà vu: helluva movie, believe it or not. But the real surprise was the stellar presentation at the bargain-house Roseville 4, where the old Déjà vu looked all but brand new on the big screen—sharp and vivid and free of scratches across the entire width. Generally speaking, these are bleak days for 35mm projection: The industry is not only preparing to go digital, but conspiring to make the switch seem essential by conveniently neglecting the upkeep of its celluloid equipment. Home theaters these days tend to boast clearer resolution than many movie theaters, including the newfangled stadium-seating gigaplexes. So while the Roseville has certainly seen better days (it was St. Paul's premier moviehouse in the early '80s), the theater is to be commended for spinning its reels so smoothly, and for offering such pro-quality showmanship for a mere $2 a seat (or a buck on Tuesdays!). And speaking of those seats: They recline further than those of any other cineplex in the state.


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