The Yarnery feels more like a home than a shop—the home of some kind yarn-lovers who have filled every nook and hall with bright wools, alpacas, and mohairs, all neatly arranged on wooden shelves. Even non-knitters are advised to visit the Yarnery for color therapy in the winter, but knitters need only wander in here for a few minutes to feel dazzled with possibilities. To help you choose, generous swatches hang by the yarn stock; mittens, hats, purses, and sweaters hang all over the store, with patterns and yarns identified. Not that you'll need to figure anything out alone, as the Yarnery bustles with happily industrious shoppers and diligent employees who are ready to handle any knitting problem. And it's worth checking out the Yarnery's generous schedule of classes and clinics.

Location Details

840 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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