With the sudden demise of Theatre Antiques a few weeks ago, there are few places for the thrifty hipster to furniture-shop for those mid-century Eames-style home decorating masterpieces that the Walker Art Center keeps reminding us that we love. Sure, there's Design Within Reach near Uptown, but the store should probably be renamed "Design Within Reach of Those with Six-Figure Salaries." But there is a tiny storefront near the Midway section of St. Paul that has dedicated itself to the furnishings of the middle part of the last century—and we're loathe to recommend it, as, frankly, it's where we do all our shopping. Succotash doesn't usually carry much by way of furniture: Peeking into the shop, you might spot a sofa, a few chairs, a half-dozen lamps, and a coffee table. But, wow, are they worth the peek. They may not be be the work of brand-name furniture makers, but these are well-made knockoffs of the best the 1950s and '60s had to offer: boldly patterned black-and-pink-cushioned chairs, Lucite end tables, bright-red curvilinear plastic desk chairs, and on and on. Best still, the store's prices won't empty out your wallet: Items usually sell for under $300, and often for much less than that. The collection of knickknacks is worth checking out, consisting of tiki mugs, multicolored party lights, novelty ash trays, unusual vintage vinyl, and other oddities that suggest the Greatest Generation was a lot weirder than Tom Brokaw let on.

Location Details

781 Raymond Ave.
St. Paul MN 55114


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