Bay Street Shoes

This shop in Calhoun Square may be small, but it looms large in the imagination of Twin Cities shoe fanciers. Why? Because Bay Street stocks fun shoes in every category. Urban women can flirt with paisley pumps with leopard ties while the Sex and the City set head for turquoise suede cork wedges, and students can ogle the high-tech sneakers while co-op women reach for earthy sandals. And then there are the boots. Chunky numbers in colored suede, strapped or laced versions in dominatrix black, and more. The men's selection's not as extensive, but still offers variety, from straight loafers to flamboyant cowboy boots to slacker sneakers and bowling shoes. What all of Bay Street's shoes have in common is that they make feet look good. Instead of slavish adherence to trends, you'll see inventive shaping and clever details. Prices aren't bargain-level (around $60 to $200), but they're not bad, considering the unique selection. And Bay Street's ample sales rack is always worth a look.


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