Amazingly, the much-touted alt-film industry crisis doesn't seem to have impeded the ongoing growth of this border-crossing multiculti kingpin, whose Bollywood section alone now takes up more than a dozen shelves. Import DVDs abound here, of course, but, contrary to popular opinion, out-of-print VHS has never been more essential to a video store's distinction, and Intercontinental still displays its last remaining cassettes with pride. As well they should. If you're avidly (re)discovering, say, the underdigitized work of Italian maestro Roberto Rossellini, not even Nicheflix will suffice: Only at a store like Intercontinental—not to say that there's any other like it—will you find Rossellini's The Messiah and The Rise of Louis XIV...on tape. (The same is true for the voluminous oeuvre of most any other world cinema legend: Not everything is on DVD.) Membership is $25 a year and gets you rentals at $2.50 apiece (instead of $4)—a small price to pay for the whole wide world.


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