Bauer Brothers Salvage

Somewhere in those four unheated warehouse floors full of every imaginable house part from the last century is just what you need for your weekend home improvement project. You'll most likely find it, but that's not why you should come to this place. Bauer Brothers is a dusty, rambling tribute to disassembled American homes and businesses. There's a general organization system, but it's regularly ignored, which means there'll be a toilet among the door hinges, a faucet lurking beside the hundreds of used doors or a box of miscellaneous hardware in the windows. In that randomness, and in the sheer variety of items available, is Bauer Brothers' true appeal. Need a porcelain autopsy table? Over here. Dozens of file cabinets? Check. The radiators from the Mary Tyler Moore house? Got 'em. Lockers, IV stands, all manner of bathtubs, a spiral staircase—even if you don't need this stuff you'll enjoy looking. Two caveats: You will get dirty, and because of the proliferation of sharp, pointy things, you shouldn't bring the kids.


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