Sex World

For the first time since Sonny Lester's 1963 LP How to Strip for Your Husband, exotic dancing has come into vogue as an at-home activity, with Borders selling instructional DVDs in the exercise section and online stores hawking brass poles designed to fit in an unused corner of the house. Stripper clothes have evolved since the French lingerie and pasties of classic burlesque, as anyone who has been to St. Paul's Lamplighter Lounge knows. It doesn't take too long to pull them off, but while still clad, Minnesota's bump-and-grind artists favor impossibly high heels, dental floss-thin g-strings, and outerwear that looks as though it were made of brightly colored rubber bands—not to mention the endless variations on fetish uniforms. Professionals and hobbyists alike are sure to find what they're looking for on Sex World's third floor, still offering one of the Twin Cities' best selections of clothes that are not meant to be worn for any length of time. Looking to surprise that special one with buttless chaps or a full-body catsuit? Looking to write a ticket as a naughty cop? Looking for heels that cause the wearer to spend the night en pointe? Look no more. Simple lingerie, such as bustiers, can be had for $34, while shoes and boots range in price from $60 to $80. Even if your fetish costume is, for whatever reason, Robin Hood, it'll only cost you $60.

Location Details

241 2nd Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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