Gagnon Piano Service

Acoustic pianos aren't the household fixtures they once were, but they're still fairly prevalent, and most of them have more character and music in them than a fleet of state-of-the-art digitals. If, that is, you don't neglect the poor wooden behemoths. Now, some nimble keyboardists can conjure some mighty fine ragtime or honky-tonk or barrelhouse piano out of a poorly serviced upright. The rest of us, however, are much better served by a well-tempered instrument. So please, people, if you're going to keep a really big, climatically sensitive instrument in your home—in this seasonally diverse locale, no less—get that damn thing tuned once or twice a year! Better yet, have it tuned by the folks at Gagnon Piano Service. Noel Gagnon has been coaxing proletarian spinets and concert grands into proper pitch since 1974, and his son Bill has been following suit since '85. They also do repairs such as replacing key tops, fixing sticking keys, and regulating the action. They'll even fully rebuild and restore a deserving piano, though keep in mind that some old instruments just aren't worth fixing, and some can't be properly tuned. The Gagnons offer relaxed, family-business-style customer service and thorough, musical work. The next time your irritating cousins come over and start playing "Heart and Soul," well, it'll still sound lousy, but at least it'll be in tune.


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