Rainbow Laundromat

If you're anything like us, and Lord help you if you are, you suffer from a little problem known as listobia—a fear of having to devote chunks of your weekend to such mundane and time-consuming tasks as washing clothes. Thankfully, the Rainbow Laundromat offers proven-to-work immersion and diversion therapies that can help even those suffering from the most severe cases of listobia. For those who can't bear to tackle that pile in the closet on their own, the folks at Rainbow provide drop-off wash, dry, and fold service for $1 a pound, with a 10-pound minimum. And the Uptown laundromat will even pick up and return your clean clothes for $1.25 a pound, in 24 hours or less. If you prefer to take full responsibility for your problem, the always-tidy Rainbow has 15 coin-operated Neptune washing machines. Prices range from $2.25 for an extended-wash on the smallest machine with a maximum of 13 pounds, or $5.50 for the machine that can swallow a whopping 50 pounds. The dryers are 25 cents for six minutes. Of course, there's always that pesky problem of folding. When will someone invent a machine for that?


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