St. Paul's Ax-Man is our go-to for gag gifts. And if you're going to give us a gift, visit Uptown's Robot Love. Unfortunately, a pound of marbles or a Gamma-Glo deathbot T-shirt isn't everyone's cup of tea, so thank goodness there's Patina. With an inventory of the silly but functional (kitschy vintage dish towels), luxuriously nonessential (the decadent Thymes lotion line), and simply pretty (the whole jewelry counter), Patina embodies one-stop gift shopping without that nasty mall aftertaste. While most gift stores, Patina included, are hardly bastions of hearty masculinity, the four locations make an effort to stock enough cleanly designed practical items (Umbra desk accessories), iterations on classic barware, and outright juvenilia (bacon-strip print bandages), so chances are good you will find something tastefully (or tastelessly) appropriate for the men in your life. A little advance planning is even better: Thrifty gifters report great deals at Patina's twice yearly in-store clearance and annual warehouse sale.

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5001 Bryant Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55419


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